CAHRU present HBSC findings to Scottish Government

26 Apr 2016

The Scottish HBSC team from CAHRU were invited to Scottish Government HQ in Leith today. Jo Inchley, Ross Whitehead and Dorothy Currie presented findings from the International Health Behaviour in School-aged Children (HBSC) study. Jo Inchley presented data from adolescents in 42 European and North American countries on health-related behaviour, mental health outcomes and the social determinants of health. Jo's presentation from the event can be found here. Ross Whitehead placed findings from the Scottish HBSC study in an international context, focusing on the relative position of 11-15 year olds, trends in mental health, drunkenness, health inequalities and schoolwork pressure. Ross' presentation from the event can be found here. Dorothy Currie led a session on data collection and analysis to facilitate the use of HBSC data by Scottish Government data analysts.

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