HBSC is a cross-national study involving a multi-disciplinary network of researchers from 43 countries & regions in Europe and North America.

Each survey questionnaire contains a core set of questions looking at the following:

  • Background factors: demographics, social background (family structure, socio-economic status), maturation
  • Individual and social resources: body image, family support, peers, school environment
    Health behaviours: physical activity, eating and dieting, smoking, alcohol use, cannabis use, sexual behaviour, violence and bullying, injuries
  • Health outcomes: symptoms, life satisfaction, self-reported health, Body Mass Index

The international standard questionnaire enables the collection of common data across all participating countries and thus enables the quantification of patterns of key health behaviours, health indicators and contextual variables. These data allow cross-national comparisons to be made and, with successive surveys, trend data is gathered and may be examined at both the national and cross-national level. As well as being a research and monitoring study, HBSC also aims to inform and have impact on health promotion and health education policy, programmes and practice aimed at young people at both national and international levels.

Following each survey an international report giving an overview of the findings is produced (see the Publications section)

More information is available on the study's website at http://www.hbsc.org/.


  • Jo Inchley | Principal Investigator/HBSC International Coordinator
  • Professor Candace Currie | Global Development Lead
  • Dorothy Currie | Senior Statistician/HBSC Deputy International Coordinator
  • Joseph Hancock | Research Communications Officer
  • Karen Hunter | Research and Financial Administrator
  • Vacant Post | Assistant International Network Coordinator
  • Vacant Post | Network Officer

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